(1992) 14 tracks: Waiting for the Wheel to Turn ('92 Version) * Pige Ruadh (Live) * Dean Cadalan Samhach * Servant to the Slave ('92 Version) * Silver Spear Reels (Live) * Outlaws (Live) * Coisich a' Ruin (Live) * Fear a' Bhàta (Original Version) * Dr MacPhails Trance ('92 Version) * The Reel Northern Light * Mo Bhean Chomuinn * A Cur Nan Gobhar as a' Chreig * Shanbally Castle/ Caberfeidh * Distant Hill.

Released 1992 this collection of live tracks and rare songs, including a storming live version of 'Coisich a' Ruin', the first Gaelic song to break into the UK Top 40, and some exclusive mixes from the classic gold status, Delirium album.

It has now been re-issued and includes 5 bonus tracks of rare and exclusive material, and new artwork. Available for the first time in over 2 years, and featuring the only substantial live material in the Capercaillie catalogue.

"A terrifically gutsy performance, Get Out has all the spark and vitality that a Capercaillie live set can engender" (Q Mag)

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