(1993) 14 tracks: Bonaparte (trad arr source Norman MacLean) * Grace and Pride (Manus Lunny) * Tobar Mhoire (trad arr source Flora MacNeill) * Four Stone Walls (John Saich) * Crime of Passion (Donald Shaw) * The Whinney Hills Jigs (trad arr) * An Eala Bhan (D MacDonald / trad arr) * Seice Ruairidh (trad arr) * Stinging Rain (Manus Lunny) * Hi Rim Bo (trad arr) * The Miracle of Being (Donald Shaw) * The Harley Ashtray (Charlie McKerron / Marc Duff) * Oran (words Aonghas MacNeacail, music Donald Shaw) * Black Fields (John Saich).

Released in 1993, this record has been certified as a silver album with over 60,000 UK sales. The band are captured here in full flight, the performances and playing are spectacular and a number of the tracks here remained in the band's live set over the years.

Notable songs include Manus Lunny's Grace and Pride which was used on the million selling Celtic Moods album, and Tobermory, a powerful driving rhythm backing Karen's dramatic Gaelic chant.

"Afro percussion, dancefloor synth zaps, funky soulful organ, and shaftular wah-wah, reeling fiddles and whistles overlaid with the poised and elegant voice of Karen Matheson" (Q Mag)

"Few woman fronting any kind of British band possess a voice to touch Karen Matheson's, remarkable in English but breathtaking when she draws on Hebridean roots to sing in Gaelic" (Daily Telegraph)

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