8 Tracks: Set Them Free * Where Are The Lights * Southerness * White Lies * Grateful Son * Would You Stay * Oh Aleppo * It Starts And Ends With You.

Southerness is a collection of songs all written by Bill Hughes.

The songwriting is clearly from the heart, with some deeply emotional and sensitive subjects openly presented and poignantly articulated.

Cateran are a group of friends, who are experienced musicians and have all played in various bands, and genres, through the years.

Sleeve notes include song lyrics.

Cateran are: Bill Hughes (vocals, guitar), Wullie Allan (vocals, guitar), Jack Fay (vocals, guitar), Michael Canavan (keyboard, vocals), Willie McKeown (drums, percussion), John Fitzgerald (bass, guitars, vocals, brass, percussion).

Guest musicians: John Graham (violin), Tony Finn (Tenor Saxophone), Iain Ted MacKenzie (harmonica), Ali Saffar (Persian dulcimer).

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