(October 2009) Larach Alasdair * The Hills Of Kaitoke * Rothiemurchus Rant * The Kirrie Glen * Chorus Jig * Miss Campbell * Duddingston Castle * O Let Me In This Ae Night * Roaring Barmaid * Dancing With George * Raoghull Agus Cairistine.

A spellbinding collection of traditional and contemporary slow airs, jigs, reels and strathspeys.

Frequently hailed as one of Australia’s finest Scottish fiddlers, Catherine Fraser shows why she’s earned that title on Rhymes & Reasons, her fourth album with pianist Duncan Smith. The renowned duo have created a masterful blend of traditional, contemporary and original music both from and inspired by the Scottish tradition.

There is a certain exuberance, a joie de vivre coursing through each note and phrase that lifts this album into the extraordinary.

Featuring guests Hanneke Cassel (fiddle), Tony McManus (guitar), Natalie Haas (cello) and Eric Breton (percussion). Produced by Laura Risk.

"An elegantly lyrical shade of Scottish chamber/folk." (ABC Radio National)

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