(2008) 15 tracks: Rolling In The Ryegrass * McGovern's Favourite * The Home Ruler * The Drunken Landlady * Elizabeth Kelly's Favourite * Sarah's Delight * Dominic's Farewell To Cashel * Banchnoic Eireann O * The Concert Reel * The Hunter's Purse * Eddie Moloney's * Cormac Lunney's * Big John's Hard Jig * The Curskeagh Lasses * Major Moran's.

Beautiful graceful playing on D, E flat and C flutes.

Very natural, easy playing with no rush to try to impress, but a lift that is exciting, unexpected variations, lovely tempo and phrasing.

Featuring Paddy McEvoy (piano), Steve Cooney (guitar) and Joe Kennedy (bodhran).

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