(November 2007) 11 tracks: Gibbie' Reel Set * Souper Caper * Ian S Robertson * Him On Piano * The BYOG Reel * Shive Her Up * I Am Asleep * Over The Moon * Wonderland * Five Reel Sets * The West Side Bride's March.

Second solo album Over The Moon from the Shetland fiddle player with Blazin' Fiddles.

The diva is in fine form here with a select band of backing musicians providing trad to jazzy accompaniments.

The tunes range from old favourites to archive treasures and eight of Catriona's self-penned tunes, all played with great panache.

"I have had so much fun making Over The Moon, I have delved deeply into the rich traditional treasures to be found in archives and music collections, revisited old tunes not played since I was much younger, met musically once more with old departed friends, played music with some of my favourite people in the world, and found an emerging desire to add some of my own tunes to the ever changing tradition."

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