(August 2013) 14 tracks: The Auld Harp * Rory Dall's Port / Masbopolketten * Going Green * Little Fiddler In The Fire * Nacken And Skoella * Splash * Ballongen * Ruben's Lullaby * Vandningen * Fritz Widlund * January Lament * John O'Connor / Tame Her When The Snow Comes * Umea Strathspey / The Melt / Flying Reel * Spelmansgladje.

Catriona, a Celtic harper and Olov, a master of the Swedish nickelharpa, embrace the moment when two harp traditions meet!

Widely recognised for their individual harp talents.

Catriona's creative arrangements and innovative rhythmic use of her harp together with Olov's striking nickelharpa tunes creates a remarkable musical feast.

It is the meeting of two harps but most significantly, two fine musicians who give life to this unique world of music known as 'The Auld Harp'.

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