STMA Instrumentalist Of The Year 2007

(January 2008) 10 tracks: Starfish * Forest Baby * Greenman * Swan LK243 * Cape Of Good Hope * Sand Dollar * Lums O' Lund * Little Impulse * Aval Moon * Mareel.

Played on Catriona's new Starfish Mackay harp with its unique tuning pattern, the result is a joy to hear.

The tunes are mainly Catriona's own compositions, plus those of a few friends.

From gorgeous slow airs to percussive up-tempo numbers.

With Donald Grant (fiddle), Fionan De Barra (guitar), Matt Baker (bass), Red Skies (strings), Alistair MacDonald (electroacoustics) and Séamus Egan (nylon guitar).

"Catriona McKay is a harper of the 21st Century." (The Herald)

"Extraordinarily beautiful ..." (Irish Times)

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