(July 2011) 11 tracks: Blow Your Chanter / Snug In A Blanket / Your Drunken Fumbling Fingers / Last Tango In Harris * White Russian * Hielan Harry * Corriechoillies / Sweet Maid Of Glendaruel / Kirkwall Bay * Young At Heart * Galway Girl * Sleepy Maggie / Loch Leven Castle / The High Drive * Glasgow's For Saturday Nights * Sandy Spence / PM Jim Christie Of Wick * Cantys Travels * Waltz For Kylin / Waltz Of The Guardian Angels.

Funky ceilidh dance music and songs, performed by a varied line-up chosen from over a dozen top Scottish musicians.

Sandy Brechin, Gregor Lowrey, Jock The Box, Gary Innes (accordions), Gavin Marwick, Ewen Henderson, Ronan Martin (fiddles), John Inglis (vocals, guitar), Ian Chapman (bass), Dave Cantwell (drums), Brian McAlpine (keyboard, guitar), Davy Sinclair (mandolin), Davy Methven (pipes), Kem McClusky (backing vocals, harmonica).

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