This title is a Music Scotland All Time Bestseller.

Scottish Folk Band Of The Year - Scots Trad Music Awards 2008

(January 2008) 13 tracks: The Folky Gibbon * Planet Ork * Rhythm Impossible * Lily & Diana's * Cluck Old Hen * The Biscuit Set * The Jigs * Et Dodium * Slow Reels * The Muillean Dubh * Beef * The Lazy Boy Chair * The Folky Gibbon (live).

Previously known as Lazy Boy Chair, this eight-strong band is Orkney's answer to Fiddlers' Bid - dynamic, energetic, exciting and innovative.

Fiddle, accordion and lots of percussion.

With two bonus live tracks from the Shetland Folk Festival.

Gavin Firth (guitar), Fionn McArthur (fiddle), Bob Gibbon (accordion), Brian Cromarty (banjo, vocals), Chas Milne (bass), Erik Laughton (drums), Douglas Montgomery (fiddle, mandolin) and Robbie Thomson (percussion).

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