16 Tracks: Bad-Tempered Woman * Dr. Fritz Wendland (instrumental) * Long Before Your Time * The Dark Island (instrumental) * Up The Noran Water * Ronnie Watt's 9th Dan (instrumental) * Bittersweet Waltz * Loch Tay Boat Song * The March Hare (instrumental) * Mormond Braes / Mormond Reel * My Turriff Grandma (instrumental) * Dae Yi Mind On Lang Lang Syne? * Albert And Dorothy's Tunes (instrumental) * Rosie Findlay (The Heather Wifie) * Freedom Come All Ye * . Aberdonian Sunset (instrumental).

Latest album from well-known Aberdonian musician Charlie Abel.

A good mix of original and traditional songs and music, vocal and accordion led.

This album was released November 2018.

"Some are well known favourites, some are my own creations. There are influences from my home city in Aberdeen, Scotland, Ireland and the Americas." Charlie Abel.

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