9 Tracks: Popcorn Behaviour * The Final Waltz * Morrison's * Our Home Now * The Luck Penny * Until We Meet Again * Sunny Banks * Locks * The Wild Geese.

A solo album from Ciaran Algar showcasing his talents as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.

Three of the four songs featured are self-penned by Ciaran.

He is ably accompanied by some of the rising stars within the folk scene.

Ciaran Algar was just 16 when, along with his duo partner, Greg Russell, he won the BBC 2 Young Folk Award in 2013.

Includes booklet with background notes to the songs.

Ciaran Alar (fiddle, vocal, banjo, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, percussion), Toby Shaer (flute, whistles, fiddle, guitar), Eden Longson (drums), Giles Deacon (keyboard), Sam Kelly (vocals, guitar).

Guests: Kitty Macfarlane (vocals), Jamie Francis (banjo).

"Ciaran's prowess on fiddle is well recognised and, naturally enough, the backbone of the album is five tune sets. But with this album, Ciaran has been eager to showcase the growing range of his talents. So, in addition to fiddle, he plays banjo, mandolin, guitars, bouzouki and percussion. He's also written three of the four songs and takes lead vocal on one of them. The resulting mix of material gives fascinating glimpses into his musical journey so far and sets out his stall for the next leg." Johnny Whalley, Folk Radio uk.

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