(July 2002) 12 tracks: Strathspeys and Reels * Domhnall an Duin * Nighean Donn a Chuailein Riomhaich * Ingy's Jigs * An Gile Dubh Ciar Dubh * Caileach an Airgid / Rachainn a shuiridh' air Oighrig * Bruce's Reels * A chailin Mhaiseach Dhonn * Puirt a-beul * Am Buachaille Ban * Shona MacDonald * O thoir a nall am Botul.

Cliar's members are steeped in Highland Music and song traditions, and this comes through in their music, whether it be simple Gaelic love songs, the works of the great bards, or modern tunes on the fiddle, piano and clarsach.

Cliar are Arthur Cormack, Ingrid Henderson, Mary Ann Kennedy, Maggie MacDonald, Bruce MacGregor and Chaz Stewart.

'One of the most beautiful sounds in 21st centruy Scotland' (The List)

'Rightly called a Gaelic supergroup' (Rambles)

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