(June 2004) 13 tracks: Listen to The Old Ones * Broken Things * Grey Owl * Fields * Really so Hard * Cumberland Aire * A Miner’s Life * Dolphin Bay * Touch and Go * The Piper * She Dreams * Rain on The Roof * We Work The Black Seam.

Colcannon is a contemporary band from Adelaide, South Australia. The feel is Celtic but the songs are strongly Australian and the band concentrates on rich vocal harmonies and dynamic arrangements.

The band includes multi-instrumentalist John Munro (of the Eric Bogle Band), the stunning voice of Kat Kraus and the added vocal and instrumental talents of Emma Luke (fiddle), Pete Tichener (bass) and Don Holderness (keyboards).

Colcannon was originally formed in 1988 specifically to support Battlefield Band at a gig in Adelaide - such was the response that more gigs followed and they very quickly became a permanent feature of the Australian music scene. They have also enjoyed successful concert tours of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK, appearing at many major music festivals.

In 1995, 1996 and again in 2001 Colcannon received the award for the ‘Most Outstanding Contribution to Folk Music’ from the South Australian Music Industry (SAMI) and in those same years the South Australian Folk Federation presented them with the ‘Best Contemporary Folk Band’ award.

"Here you will hear life in melody, love in lyrics and joy in playing. You get songs and tunes, great voices and powerful playing. Music demands that we continue to seek quality and here it is in spades." (Nicky Rossiter)

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