(November 2010) 19 tracks: Radio Caithness Deserted Highland Discs * My Bonnie Bonnie Banks Of Bonnie Scotland (song) * The Tax Man's Song * My Grannies Pub Intro * My Grannies Pub (song) * Radio Ballinabraxie Intro * Spinning Out The Job (song) * Radio Achnagatt Intro * The Angels Dram (song) * Top Tips For Toffs * Katherine Campbell Of Mosstodloch (tune) * Black Isle Radio - Highland Businesses * The Kilt Hirers Nightmare (song) * Radio Papa Westray - Green Energy * The Orkney Wave Farmer (song) * Radio Achnagatt Intro * Bailer Twine (song) * Radio Ballinabraxie - The Holiday Programme * The Old Clootie Well (song).

More humour on CD from the Highland farmer - comedy sketches, songs and plenty of laughs.

Colin Campbell's hilarious 'local' radio stations are as popular as ever, and his social comment just as acute. Poking fun at his own Highlands comes easily, yet gently!

His wry look at modern life as seen through the eyes of the Highlanders is as perceptive as ever, with excellent regional dialects for the local radio sketches.

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