(September 2009) 14 tracks: The Recurring Dream * Steele's Reels * Farewell My Love * The Bletherer * Boat To Islay * Shindig At The Lochside * The Girl With The Shiver * Simpson's Jig * Sunset Over Loch Indaal * Steak And Whisky, 5am * View From The Round Church * Louis' First Gig * The Journey Home * A Wee Prayer.

Raucous, joyful, jazz-folk crossover music.

Colin Steele (trumpet), Phil Bancroft (saxophone) and Dave Milligan (piano) provide the jazz credentials, with folk music represented by fiddles, pipes and cello, featuring Catriona MacDonald, Mairi Campbell, Aidan O'Rourke and Su-a Lee. A recipe perhaps for 'a right bloody stramash' (Scots for confusion) - in the event, it turns out to be the precise opposite.

Colin Steele has won several awards for his inspired Celtic-jazz music - his compositions are tuneful, invigorating and unforced.

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