College Of Piping - Learn The Bagpipe Tutor 2

College Of Piping - Learn The Bagpipe Tutor 2

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Maintenance and History of the Bapipes is covered in this manual, a perfect follow on from the beginners Tutor 1.

The manual provides everything you need to know when moving onto bagpipes.

Chapter 1 - The Bagpipe
HISTORY 1: Pipe Band Origins
Chapter 2 - The Pipe Bag And The Blowpipe
HISTORY 2: Solo Contests
Chapter 3 - The Drones
HISTORY 3: The College Of Piping
Chapter 4 - The Pipe Chanter
HISTORY 4: The MacCrimmons
Chapter 5 - Choosing A Bagpipe
HISTORY 5: The World Pipe Band Championships
Chapter 6 - Learning To Blow
HISTORY 6: The Piobaireachd Society
Chapter 7 - Maintaining Bags And Valves
HISTORY 7: What Pipe Bands Play In Competition
Chapter 8 - Dealing With Drone Reeds
HISTORY 8: Angus MacKay
Chapter 9 - Chanters And Reeds
HISTORY 9: The Contest Repertoire Of A Piper
Chapter 10 - Looking The Part
HISTORY 10: Oban And Inverness

History: J Campbell, Photography: R Wallace / D MacGregor, Diarams: R Wallace.

The accompanying DVD should be used with Tutor 2.

Softcover A4, 76 pages.

"A pride in the tone and look of their bagpipe is something all students should cultivate. This tutor will set you on the road to achieving a good sound and looking the part." Robert Wallace, Principal.

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