College Of Piping - Learn The Bagpipe Tutor 4 (Piobaireachd)

College Of Piping - Learn The Bagpipe Tutor 4 (Piobaireachd)

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Contents: Foreword * Lesson 1: Taorluath And Crunluath * Lessons 2 -10: The Company's Lament * Lesson 11: Crunluath Exercise * Lessons 12 - 19: Mackintosh's Banner * Lessons 20 -26: Alasdair Dearg * Lessons 27 -34 Glengarry's Lament * Lesson 35: Additional Technique * Lesson 36: Different Taorluaths And Crunluaths * The Company Lament * Mackintosh's Banner * Lament For Alasdair Dearg * Glengarry's Lament * Nether Lorn Canntaireachd * Classification Of Piobaireachd * Exercises And Bibliography.

A comprehensive tutor ideal for those beginning their study of Piobaireachd, the great music (Ceol Mor) of the Highland bagipe.

Comes complete with tutorial CD, lessons and tunes sung and played on the practice chanter.

Softcover A4, 60 pages.

The College of Piping Tutor for Piobaireachd was originally published June 1990 and completely revised by Principal Robert Wallace.

Provides all you need to know regarding technique, canntaireachd (mouth music) and guides the beginner through the difficult problem of timing and expression.

"Ceol Mor has undergone a huge upsurge of interest in the last few years and given the sheer quality of music this is perhaps not surprising. Teachers are beginning to understand that for young pipers there is no better way of getting to know the bagpipe than by playing music that brings out the best in it. Moreover the beginner learns to blow better and develops a keener ear for tonal accuracy and ofcourse the bapipe must be in first class playing order if the performer is to get through the tune so there is the added benefit of encouraging proper maintenance of the instrument." Robert Wallace, Principal.

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