(March 2003) 11 tracks: The Green Mountain / Tarboltan / Siobhan O'Donnell's (Mary Cay Brass and Friends) * Lafferty's (Wild Asparagus) * I Don't Love Nobody / Little Old Cabin in the Lane / Honey Harbor Two Step (Rodney Miller and Bob McQuillen) * Leather Britches / Miller's Reel (Rodney Miller, Peter Barnes, John McGann) * Poor Old Woman / Ned Kendall's Hornpipe / Levi Beaulieu (Rodney Miller and David Surette) * The Jewel Tune / Briul de la Fagaras / The Carpathian Tune (The Moving Violations) * Bagpipe Ditty / Christmas Day in the Morning / Young Widow (The Rodney Miller Band) * Chorus Jig / Opera Reel / Growling Old Man and Woman (Susan Kevra, Mary Cay Brass and Friends) * O'Donal Abhu / Rocks of Brae / Meeting of the Waters (Rodney Miller, Randy Miller and Friends) * Lamplighters / Kildare Fancy (Rodney Miller, Randy Miller and Friends) * Happy Acres / Murphy's / Johnny Rhino Polkas (Bob McQuillen, Jane Orzechowski, Deanna Stiles) * Kilcommon / The Volunteer (The Rodney Miller Band).

Wailing blues harp, sizzling fiddling, honky-tonking piano - yep, must be contra! A compilation from Great Meadow Music featuring their top artistes. A brilliant introduction to contra, or a pick-n-mix showcase for the truck.

Superb slow and fast dance music from Mary Cay Brass And Friends, Wild Asparagus, David Surette, The Moving Violations, Randy Miller, Deanna Stiles, Jane Orzechowski, and Rodney Miller - with his band and together with Bob McQuillen, Peter Barnes and John McGann.

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