12 Tracks: Made It * The Sands Of Luskentyre * The Wild Flowers * Special Agent Turberville * Kirkhus * Seggy Boats * The Dancing * The Caretaker * Beacons * Squinty * Time Wears Awa' * Many Happy Returns * Daydreams And Departures.

Corran Raa are a quartet playing mostly self composed music in a traditional genre interspersed with some songs.

Their latest album 'Daydreams and Departures' combines influences from tradition and self-penned / covered compositions.

Their music is dominated by harmony fiddles of Jenny and Janet, inventive accompaniment by Kath and Robbie and beautiful song arrrangements by Kath.

Musical influences come mostly from the music traditions of Scotland, Shetland, Ireland and Scandinavia.

Kath Bruce (piano, vocal), Janet Lees (fiddle), Jenny Smith (fiddle), Robbie Leask (guitar, fiddle).

With special guest Esther Kuck (bodhran tracks 1,8 and10).

"Corran Raa play music that drinks deep from the well of tradition and sups from the bowl of invention. Music that’s equally ‘at home’ today as it was years ago. As you listen, there’s an edge cutting through that raises their own interpretations and compositions, sometimes fine and gentle at other times sharp and strong, but always finely placed." Tim Carroll (Folkwords).

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