This title is a Music Scotland All Time Bestseller.

(December 2008 re-release of 2004 recording) 16 tracks (70 mins): The Folker * Sunday Driver * A Scottish Holiday * The Portree Kid * La Di Dum * The Bantam Cock * Lucille * Big Nellie May * The Bricklayer's Song * The Tortoise * Yur Losin' Them * The Heiland House Hunter * The Friday Game * Kids On The Range * The Birth Of The Corries Blues * The Wedding Of Lachie McGraw.

Ronnie Browne and Roy Williamson - all the comedy classic songs that were such a popular part of the The Corries' concerts, on one album collection.

The brilliant Portree Kid, Bantam Cock and Bricklayer's Song are included.

If you don't enjoy this, check your pulse! All the favourites are here - one of Scotland's funniest albums.

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