12 Tracks: Òran an t-Slaightear * Gheibhinn Cadal Math * Mairidh ar Gaol * Mo Stòr 's mo Chridhe * An Smeòrach * Thig Mi Gad Iarraidh * Cèilidh na Bliadhna * Gu ma Slàn do na Fearaibh * Griogal Cridhe * Led Er Din Sang * Air m'Anam Chan Innsinn Cò I * Manus Mo Rùin.

A second album of Traditional and Contemporary Scottish Gaelic Song from the acclaimed Gaelic quartet Cruinn.

The Highland based quartet Cruinn brings together four of Scotland's premier Gaelic singers - James Graham, Fiona Mackenzie, Brian Ó hEadhra and Rachel Walker.

Their outstanding use of harmonies and superb arrangements feature in 'Stòras' which translated means treasure or riches.

Recorded August 2014 at Castlesound Studios by Stuart Hamilton and produced by the band.

"...stunning Gaelic song supergroup with both sublimely complementary vocals and spine-tingling contemporary reinventions of ancient material, together with beautifully crafted originals." The Scotsman

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