10 Tracks: Running From Ghosts * Women In Love * For Love * Idaho * Super Moon * Night-time Luminescene * All I Need * Song In Five * Polaris * The Promise.

Polaris is a collection of ten original songs exploring love and identity in the modern world.

Since 2010 Dan Korn and Joe Sharp have collaborated on a number of projects 'Polaris' is the first album release as a duo.

Dan Korn is a self-taught guitarist, vocalist and composer from London. With a background in wordsmithery, he came to music in his late teens.

Joe Sharp is a classically-trained musician, originally from Cornwall. With Dan, he plays double bass and sings vocal harmonies, as well as contributing some of his own beautiful songs.

Since 2015, there have been hundreds of shows across the UK and Europe and one tour of the US.

Dan Korn (vocals, acoustic guitar, ghungroo), Joe Sharp (double bass, backing vocals, piano,shruti box, cajon, acoustic guitar (track 10).

"The combination of singer/songwriter Dan with classically trained Joe works well as Dan's singing and guitar has depth added by Joe's vocal harmonies and subtle double bass." Folking.com

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