(June 2012) 12 tracks: Yesterday's News * Pretty Jackals * Solitary Wave * When I'm Not Thinking About You * Wonder * Blue Heart Of Texas * Just The Same * Borderlands * High Wall * I Live In Fear * Long Brown Hair * Grateful.

A terrific collection of great songs from this Scottish-born Canadian folk singer, songwriter and storyteller.

These are songs reflecting David's reaction to news - personal, local and current events.

David began making music in 1999 and since then has won the Juno (Canada's top music award) three times and a Canadian Folk Music Award for the Best Singer - Contemporary.

David Francey (vocals), Kieran Kane (guitar), Fats Kaplin (mandolin), Lucas Kane (drums).

"This would be perfect background music for drinking, or a poker night, or sitting outside at night staring at the stars while smoking a cigar at the cottage." Velvet Rope Magazine.

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