(June 2012 release of 2005 recording) 19 tracks: Introduction By Jim Blum * Paper Boy Introduction * Paper Boy * The Waking Hour Introduction * The Waking Hour * Ashtabula Introduction * Ashtabula * Broken Glass Introduction * Broken Glass * Tonight In My Dreams Introduction * Tonight In My Dreams * Fourth Of July Introduction * Fourth Of July * Torn Screen Door Introduction * Torn Screen Door * Morning Train Introduction * Morning Train * Lucky Man Introduction * Lucky Man.

Nine classic songs from this award winning Scottish-born Canadian folk singer, songwriter and storyteller.

The full introductions show his wry sense of humour and give insights as where the songs came from.

Born in Scotland, the family moved to Toronto when David was 12 years old. The Francey family explored southern Ontario, singing traditional Scottish songs while driving through the Canadian countryside, David's dad and sister singing melody while David and his mum sang harmony.

This live recording was made in 2005 at the 39th Annual Kent State Folk Festival, Ohio, the evening being hosted by Jim Blum.

David has won the Juno (Canada's top music award) three times, a Canadian Folk Music Award for the Best Singer (Contemporary) and in 2010 he won the Overall Grand Prize of the 7th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards.

David Francey (lead vocals), Shane Simpson (guitar, backing vocals).

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