15 Tracks: Irish Reels * 4/4 March * Waltzes * Jigs * Medley * Waltz * 4/4 Marches * Slow Air * Hambo * The Swan * Polka * Strathspey * Waltz * Reels * Wedding March.

A six piece accordion and fiddle band fronted by David Halcrow from the Islands of Shetland.

The album features a compilation of tunes and sets that David, his father Jim and the band have enjoyed playing over the years.

David Halcrow (accordion), Jim Halcrow (accordion), Margaret Robertson (piano), Iain Williamson (fiddle), Graham Malcomson (double bass), Graham Jamieson (drums), Alan Nicolson (harmony accordion), Hazel McCallum (piano), Norman Goudie (guitar/bass), Brian Morrison (accordion).

" If there was a name that was universally adored across the dance band scene it would be that of David Halcrow. Truly a hidden gem of the highest order, modest by character but absolutely mighty by sound. Until now the only way to indulge in its delight was to travel to the Shetland Isles but thanks to the 'Shetland Sessions' this deluxe sound can be enjoyed far more conveniently." Tom Orr.

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