14 Tracks: Happy Man * City Of Chicago * Old And Grey * Won't Ya Come Down (To Yarmouth Town) * Sixty Years Ago * You're Only Young Once * Stay All Night * On To The Whiskey I Go * Sax, Drums And Rock 'N' Roll * Carry Me Home * You Belong To Me * Jersey Girl * People Are Crazy * When You Love Someone.

The latest release from Irish Country music singer/songwriter Derek Ryan.

Featuring the hit singles 'You're Only Young Once' and 'Won't Ya Come Down (To Yarmouth Town)'.

The album is straight down the line country, showcasing everything from originals to lively, upbeat dance tunes to soft ballads.

Derek tours the country with his band and has a growing fan base in Ireland and UK.

Last year Derek and his band set out on their first international tour to Australia, which was a huge success.

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