21 Tracks: Hold On To Your Hat (feat Sharon Shannon) * Pick A Bale Of Cotton * Down On Your Uppers * God’s Plan * It's Friday * Dreamers And Believers * Bendigo * Life Is A River * The Wrong Side Of Sober (feat Rory Daniels) * Kiss Me Mary * Won't Ya Come Down * Made Of Gold * Heaven Tonight * 100 Numbers * Patsy Fagan * Honey Honey * The Belle Of Liverpool * To Waltz With My Mother Again * Ya Can't Stay Here * If You're Gonna Be Bad * Only Getting Started.

After 10 years of touring the world, Country singer Derek Ryan has released a collection of his number 1 hits.

Many of Derek's classic songs are included from his original, self-penned God's Plan, toone of Derek's biggest hit Hold On To Your Hat, featuring the internationally acclaimed musician Sharon Shannon.

I've seen many of my favourite artists release a collection of their biggest songs, and I am very very proud of the 21 tracks featured on this record. I am indebted to my fans for making these songs the hits they were, and I'm really hoping people will like the carefully chosen selection on this album. I want to dedicate this to my fans all over the world who have supported me, whether it's been from the beginning of my career, or to the present day this album is for them". Derek Ryan.

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