One of the Greentrax Recordings topsellers of the year 2006.

(April 2006) 10 tracks: Whatever Happened * The Devil and Pastor Jack * Different Drum * We Got The Rock’n’Roll * Lucky For Some * The Hunter Dunne * Come Gie’s A Song * Dancing Eagles * Bleacher Lass o’ Kelvinhaugh * Anna Mae.

Another original album from one of the foremost and highly regarded folksingers of our time - Dick Gaughan was recently voted one of the Top 10 Folk Voices Of The 20th Century by listeners of BBC Radio 2's Mike Harding Show.

Dick is acknowledged as one of Scotland’s most outstanding musicians. His vocal prowess, instrumental virtuosity and intelligence as a composer are legendary.

This album also features Mary MacMaster (clarsach, vocals), Brian McNeill (fiddle, cellofiddle), Stephen Quigg (vocals) and Ian McCalman (vocals).

An early member of Boys Of The Lough, he was also a founding member of the legendary Scottish folk rock group Five Hand Reel. His classic album Handful Of Earth was named as Album Of The Decade for the 1980s by Folk Roots magazine.

Dick draws his material from a variety of sources, so while traditional material provides much of this repertoire, great song writers are also represented. He lists his influences as everything ranging from Davy Graham to Big Bill Broonzy, Bertolt Brecht to Robert Burns and Karl Marx to Groucho Marx.

The common thread running through all his work is Dick’s passion in social justice and telling it like it is.

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