Dingwall Gaelic Choir - Cabar Feidh

Dingwall Gaelic Choir - Cabar Feidh

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16 Tracks: Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasta * Cumha Coire Cheathaich * Seonaid NicGumaraid/Beinn Eadarra / Cairistion' Nigh'n Eòghainn * Am Buachaille Ban * Tog orm mo Phìob * Bùth Dhòmh'ill 'ic Leòid * A' Choille Ghruamach * Fhir a' dh'ith am Bonnach Mòr / Tha Toll air a' Bhàta Mhòr * Caidil gu Sunndach * Maraiche nan Cuantan * ‘S math a dhannsadh Ùisdean Friseal / Tha mi dol a' dhèanamh banais / Tha Bean agam * Tuireadh nan Treun * Mi le M’ Uilinn air mo Ghlùin * Chan e Àilleachd * Cabar Feidh * Athchuinge.

A choral feast of carefully selected Gaelic songs, a true celebration of Dingwall Gaelic Choir's 60th Year.

A superb album of choral music, tremendous choral discipline is an integral feature of this dedicated choir.

The Dingwall Gaelic choir formed in 1954 and have gone from strength to strength with much success, nationally and internationally.

At the forefront in the quest to promote and enjoy the Gaelic language through song.

They participate in many competitions including the Royal National Mod competing for the coveted Lovat and Tullibardine Trophy.

Here's to the next 60years!

Conductor: Kirsteen Menzies, Assistant Conductor: Hamish Menzies.
Gaelic Tutor: Uisdean Macrae, Assistant Gaelic Tutor: Steven MacIver

"For 60 years the Dingwall Gaelic Choir have been delighting audiences with their authentic and thoughtfully chosen repertoire. Their attention to detail in music and language, under the batons of the longest serving conductor of Gaelic choirs in Scotland, Mr Hamish Menzies, and now his multi talented daughter, Kirsteen, continues unabated to amaze their discerning listeners. This latest recording will only serve to cement their reputation as a shining light in the world of choral music singing in Scotland." Paul McCallum, Mod Gold Medallist.

"The multi-award wInning Dingwall Gaelic Choir's ensemble approach steers towards the tonalities and ultra disciplined artistry of modern classical music, while retaining the melodic allure and expressive vitality of the songs' roots." The Scotsman.

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