13 Tracks: Everything Is Alright * Olivia * The Silk Merchant's Daughter * The Bright Light Of Day * Say Old Playmate * Let The Night Seize Me * The Little Things * Les Yeux de Rosalie * Jack Of Hearts * Ain't Never Fell * I Ain't Playing Pretty Polly * You Will Live Love * One Note.

Latest album from American roots musician, composer and producer Dirk Powell.

"When I Wait For You" features original material recorded in Louisiana and Scotland.

He is joined by well-kent musicians from this side of the Atlantic, including Donald Shaw, Michael McGoldrick, John McCusker and many more.

The album is released on Vertical Records and produced by Donald Shaw.

CD cover includes the song lyrics.

"Dirk sings his direct, mostly self-composed, a mix of distinctly personal and more significant issue songs in a heartfelt, unpretentious, quite disarming way." Dave McNally - Folk Roots.

Dirk Powell (vocals, acoustic/electric and bass guitar, fiddle, banjo, piano, mandolin, keyboards, button accordion and percussion), Donald Shaw (accordion, piano), Michael McGoldrick (flute, whistle, vocals), John McCusker (fiddle, vocals), James MacKintosh (drums), Amelia Powell (vocals, The Damsel), Sophie Powell (vocals), Rhiannon Giddens (vocals, viola, Minstrel banjo), Sara Watkins (vocals, fiddle, featured vocal track 7), Bill Smith (drums (track 9, vocals, The Captain), Jamie Dick (drums, percussion (tracks 2 and 4), Jason Sypher (bass track 2), Eric Adcock (Hammond B3), Grant Dermody (harmonica), Sean Watkins (vocals, The Sailor), Somon Leone (vocals), Annika Brooks (vocals).

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