Donnie Munro - Sweet Surrender - Live Acoustic

Donnie Munro - Sweet Surrender - Live Acoustic

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10 Tracks: Protect And Survive * Strangers To The Pine * The Cutter * Chi Min Geamhradh * Dance Called America * Raglan Road * Eirinn * Heart Of America * Leaving Lerwick Harbour * Back Up And Push.

CD 2
9 Tracks: Irene * Mother Glasgow * Glasgow Joe * October Song * The Wire * Mo Chruinneag Bhoidheach * Where The Roses * City Of Lights * Weaver Of Grass.

A live acoustic double album showcasing the unique voice of Donnie Munro, former vocalist for supergroup Runrig.

For almost 20 years Donnie Munro was front-man and lead vocalist for Runrig, one of Scotland's most popular bands.

In 1997, Donnie left Runrig to pursue a number of important projects and to develope his own solo career as a singer/songwriter.

This captivating collection includes traditional Gaelic songs along with Runrig classics and songs written by Donnie.

A musical anthology that perfectly encapulates the depth and distinctive style of Donnie.

Donnie is supported by Eric Cloughley and, Gleniddich Fiddle Champion, Maggie Adamson.

Donnie Munro(vocals, guitar), Eric Cloughley (producer, engineer, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), Maggie Adamson (fiddle).

"The idea of recording a fully acoustic live album really takes me back to where it all began for me a as a very young musician on the Isle of Skye, where, prior to the onset of my early Runrig days. For me, performance has always been about delivering the song and with the acoustic performance in particular there is that opportunity to strip everything back to its most basic and most direct communicative elements, and for the narrative to take hold. I have always felt as a performer, that when you find the deepest connection with the song as a singer, is where you 'give yourself up' to the song and in essence you engage in that 'sweet surrender." Donnie Munro.

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