12 Tracks: North Of Trondheim * The World Was Waiting * When All This Is Over * Bubbles In Central Park * Bridge Of Tears * Bridal Tunes For Rune And Marta * The Whale Road * Brestiskvaedi * Waltz For Miyazaki * Pentamime * No News * Blue White Gold.

Dreamers' Circus marks their ten year anniversary with a fourth album 'Blue White Gold'.

This innovative band has recently toured the USA, Europe, and Japan and has earned an increasing international reputation.

"So here, while we continue opening new ground in our music, we also give a nod to the familiar by including some traditional Nordic tunes, the music we are rooted in and the music that brought us together to begin this journey some ten years ago." Ale, Rune and Nikolaj January 2020.

Dreamers' Circus are Nikolaj Busk (piano and accordion), Ale Carr (cittern) and Rune Tonsgaard Sorensen (fiddle).

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