(September 2012) 16 tracks: Irish Reels * Mitchell Marches * Brittania Two Step * Sergeant Stuart Gus Millar * Flowers Of Edinburgh * Dunoon Barn Dance * Fiddle Set * Lady Hamilton Of Auchincruive * Eva Three Step * Accordion Feature * East Neuk Of Fife * Rock Valley Jigs * March, Strathspey, Reel * Fight About The Fireside * Pam Wilkie * Robbie Shepherd.

After five years, the trio is back with a cracking tribute album in memory of Billy Thom.

The content is, as you would expect, an exciting mix of old, new, Scottish and Irish, with the many and varied influences on the trio being highlighted.

A timeless collection from excellent musicians whose chemistry creates a unique blend and fitting tribute to Billy.

Includes a booklet with background notes to the tunes.

Duncan Black (accordion), Marie Fielding (fiddle), Owen Fielding (piano). Special Guest: Paul Brown (guitar).

"It was always going to be extremely challenging to emulate the enormously successful Volume 1 but this recording exceeds all expectations." Alasdair MacLeod.

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