9 Tracks: Ceapaval * Farewell To Stromness * Marches And Reels * Goat Walk * Isle Of France * Kitty O'Neil's Champion Jig * May Morning Dew * Pot Luck * Teddy Bears Picnic Jigs.

A second album of traditional folk music and songs from the talented duo, Eamonn Coyne and Kris Drever

This album was recorded in Scotland, Autumn 2012, Eamonn Coyne (Treacherous Orchestra / Salsa Celtica) and Kris Drever (one of the award winning trio Lau) have teamed up again and deliver a varied selection of traditional music.

"Storymap is a continuation of the loose vibe we created and enjoyed on 'Honk Toot Suite'. The next story is always just around the corner and that is also what the title and the music of 'Storymap' is also saying – it is just another album in the bigger picture. We don't intend to stop there." Eamonn Coyne.

"With playing so deft and fluid, it's a pleasure to have these two as guides." Jeanette Leech 2013 BBC Music.

"The music on Storymap is traditional; and although the whole collection delights in an expansive approach to the arrangements, the heart of the album itself couldn’t be more rooted. The musical tradition of collaboration between like-minded souls is Storymap’s strongest asset. The work as a whole comes across as friends gathered in celebration of the music, without egos or agendas. The result is a collection that reaches out warmly to the listener and extends an irresistible call to join in the fun." Neil McFadyen Folk Radio UK.

Eamonn Coyne (banjo, tenor guitar), Kris Drever (guitar, vocals), Megan Henderson (fiddle, harmonium), Calum McIntyre (drums), Eamonn Nugent (bodhran), Nico Bruce (double bass), Simon Bradlley (fiddle), Alan Kelly (accordion), Eliza Carthy (vocals).

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