11 Tracks: Shaggy Baggy Highland Cow * Catflap Astronaut * The Final Departure * Spencer The Rover * Three Kisses * Left Right * The Black Cormorant * Afraid *To Winspit Caves * Sgarbh Dubh * Shaggy Baggy Highland Cow (acoustic version).

Black Bay is the second album from Far Flung Collective.

Far Flung Collective brings together musicians and traditions from distant corners of the British Isles, with a particular focus on the Outer Hebrides and South West England.

The album was arranged and recorded over the space of a weekend at the stunning Black Bay Studio, on Great Bernera, off the west coast of Lewis, following a week's residency in Stornaway in 2019.

Alex Roberts (vocals, guitars, percussion), Dan Somogyi (piano, rhodes, organ, harmonium, guitar, ukulele, basses, percussion, backing vocals), Mabel Duncan (vocals, fiddle, percussion, backing vocals), Selina Clare Ross (fiddle, percussion, backing vocals), Stephen Drummond (accordion), Anna-Wendy Stevenson (fiddle), Simon Bradley (viola).

"Black Bay is in many ways a contrast to our first album - immediate, fast, impulsive, and album achieved in an incredibly short space of time. Above all, it's a collection of tunes inspired by the landscapes, politics and environments in which we live. We enjoyed making this mini album and we hope you enjoy listening to it." Dan Somogyi, Feb 2020.

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