(November 2004) 13 tracks: She Moved Thro' the Fair * The Skyeline of Skye * Mouth Music (Puirt A Beul) * Highland Angels * Sine Bhan * May You Never * Africa * 'S iomadh Rud Tha Dhith Orm * Solus M'aigh * The Boatie Rows * Gloomy Winter's Now Awa' * Ochion a Righ, 'S i Mo Ribhinn Donn * Farewell My Love.

Fiona's voice was a gift from her parents Calum Kennedy and Anne Gillies, both Gaelic Mod medallists.

On this album she sings songs passed to her by her parents, accompanied by a raft of excellent musicians. Gaelic and Scots classics in fine style.

Fiona Kennedy (vocals) with Ali Napier (guitar, bouzouki, keyboards, vocals), William Jackson (clarsach, whistles), John Goldie (guitars), Richard Cherns (keyboards), Manus Lunny (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Paul Anderson (fiddle), James MacKintosh (percussion) and Calum Malcolm (keyboard).

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