(September 1999) 9 tracks: Calico (The Happy Aunt / The Central Line / The Paper Bird) * Eb Reels (Blink / West Clare Reel / Lexy Macaskill's) * The Gentle Giant (Macadonian Oro / Title) * Sligo Reel (Title / The American Polka) * Flatfish (Title / Thornhill Road / White Ashes) * Happy Jigs (A Short Journey l / A Short Journey ll) * Bruno (Title / A Quiet Autumn) * Waltzes (Vero's / The Acharavi Waltz / From Kerry We Did Sail) * Flutopia (Munera de Casa / Gavotenn Bro.Dardoup / Macedonian Oro / Thomas McIlvogues).

Featuring Sarah Allen (accordion, flutes and whistle) * Ed Boyd (guitars, bouzouki and mandolin) * Brian Finnegan (flutes, whistles and bansuri) and John Joe Kelly (bodhran).

Young Anglo-Irish four-piece featuring dual flutes.

Tremendously appealing, deeply traditional, purely sensual folk flute. Flook capture the "haunting, uplifting" nature of the flute without losing any of the energy or grace of the tunes, some of which are new, some from the British traditions, some from the European. Flutes, whistles, accordion, bouzouki, mandolin and astonishingly harmonic bodhran. A wonderfully relaxing album, yet full of great energy and power.

"an album of suble fire, wit and rhythmic intensity" (MOJO Folk Album of the Month December 1999)

"a mighty, mighty gathering of the clans ... Some of the best young musicians in the land ... Quite spectacular" (Folk Roots)

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