Tracks 16: The King’s Shilling * Farewell To The Gold * Rise Up Jock * Can Ye Sew Cushions * Broken Down Squatter * The Hills Of The Isle Of Haut * Catch Me If You Can * Down Where The Drunkards Roll * Ring A Ring A Rosie * The Weddin' * A Man You Don't Meet Everyday * Bonnie Susie Clelland * Edinburgh * Grey Funnel Line * Nostradamus * White Flower.

A 'Best Of' album from Fraser and Ian Bruce, extremely popular duo in the 80's.

Fraser and Ian Bruce launched themselves late in 1979 and during that time they recorded three albums.

Fraser then left the music business to concentrate on his business while Ian went solo and then for a time as a duo with Ian Walker.

Fraser and Ian have united again and have compiled a 'Best Of' album from their earlier work but have added some live tracks to the compilation.

This album has 10 remastered tracks, 5 re-recorded 'live' tracks and one song never previously recorded.

This release preludes an extensive touring schedule of the UK.

Ian Bruce is an international touring artist while Fraser, as a solo artist, had a big following in the UK and Europe.

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