(January 2012) 25 tracks: Over The Top (Two Step) * The King's Waltz * The Serenata (Barn Dance) * The Jacaranda (March) * The Doris Waltz * On Leave Foxtrot * The Fylde Waltz * Elephant Walk (Samba) * The Hesitango (Waltz) * Festival Glide * Georgella Blues * Princess Ena Quadrille (4 figures) * Triumph (8x24 reels) * Waltz Cathrine (Modern Waltz) * Gypsy Tango * Honeymoon Parade * Primrose Waltz * Latchford Schottische (Barn Dance) * Oslo Waltz * Fredericke Schottische (Two Step) * Yearning Saunter * La Varsovianna (Mazurka).

Accordion ace Freeland Barbour (of Silly Wizard, Wallochmor Ceilidh Band and The Occasionals fame) plays specifically for Old Time dancing.

Freeland also works as a soloist, composer and producer. Jessie Stuart of Keith acted as dance consultant for this series.

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