(July 2012) 24 tracks: The Angus Waltz * Ragtime Swing * The Royal Minuet * The Alberts - Quadrille (5 figures) * The Imperial Waltz * The Imperial Two Step - Alternative Dances: The Rosetta Two Step / The Kelvingrove Two Step * Broadway Quickstep - Alternative Dance: Helena Quickstep * The Royal Cotillion - Waltzes (3 figures) * The Stern Polka * The Eileen Waltz - Modern Waltz * The Jazz Twinkle / The Chadwick - Foxtrot * The Baden-Powell - Schottische * The Kilmorack March - Alternative Dance: The Gay Gordons * The Berlin Polka * Men Of Hoy - 8x32 bar reel * The Chrysanthemum Waltz - Alternative Dance: Viennese Swing * Waverley Two Step - Alternative Dance: The Russian Ballet * Bonnie Lassie Party Dance - March - Alternative Dances: Dinky One Step / Gypsy Tap.

Third volume in this series providing a great range of music for old time dancing.

Accordion ace Freeland Barbour (of Silly Wizard, Wallochmor Ceilidh Band, The Occasionals and The Ghillies fame) works as a solo artist, composer and producer.

Dance consultant Jessie Stuart.

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