(December 2012) 24 tracks: Chicago Swing * The Ruby Waltz * The Palais Stroll * The Lancers - Quadrille (5 Figures) * The Lilac Waltz * Saunter Together * The Kitchener Two Step * La Rinka * Lambeth Walk * Malcolm's Golden Two Step * The Silver Wedding Waltz * Midnight Tango * Destiny Waltz * La Tempete * The Hurndilla * The Newton Two Step * The Queen's Waltz * The Vamp * La Camelia * Comin' Through The Rye.

Fourth volume in this series providing a great range of music for old time dancing.

Accordion ace Freeland Barbour (of Silly Wizard, Wallochmor Ceilidh Band, The Occasionals and The Ghillies fame) works as a solo artist, composer and producer.

He plays regularly for old time dance classes, particularly for dance teachers Jessie Stuart and Sheila Mc Cutcheon.

Freeland Barbour plays Brandoni accordions.

Dance consultant Jessie Stuart.

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