(November 2009) 14 tracks: Aberlady Links / The Swing * Shadow March * Keepsake Mill * The Land Of Counterpane * Where Go The Boats? * The Hayloft * Picture Books In Winter * My Ship And I * Black City * Escape At Bedtime * The Moon * The Lamplighter * How Far Is It To Babylon? * Aberlady Links.

Songs from the poetry of R L Stevenson.

Featuring artists Norman Chalmers, Heather Young, Robin Laing, Tom Clelland, Davie Scott, Ursula Laing, Billy Stewart, John Malcolm, Christine Kydd, Duncan McCrone and Wendy Weatherby.

Aberlady Links was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in Samoa. This recording captures the way Stevenson intended it to be played - as traditional Scottish music - and expresses the yearning he felt for his homeland.

Booklet includes full song lyrics.

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