(September 2009) 9 tracks (49 mins): Jock Is At Least 40 / Da Yakki Drogan / Up Da Stroods da Sailor Goes * Stensele Polska / Plan B * Da Wheel Band: Biddy Martin / Dennis Doody's / Tolka Polka * Jeemie Lowrie's / Ivor Scollay of Burravoe / Reel Saint-Antoine * Plunky Set: The Western / Vrikkjaren * Canadian Spree: Happy Go Lucky Clog / First Century Reel / The Heather Bonn / Reel Don Messer * Grointy Jigs: Ballyea / Leslie's March * Spleet New Polkas: Kieran's Polka / Kerry Polkas * Golden Goals: Het Vals Bewjis / Golden Goals At The Gibbie / Marcel Martin.

Some of Shetland's top traditional musicians have come together to produce an exciting blend of Nordic and Celtic music.

Featuring up to six fiddles, guitars, mandolin, bass, bodhran, and drums - and even that well-known Shetland instrument the didgeridoo!

Ewen Thomson, Helen Whitham, Lois Nicol, Ross Couper, Stewart Grains (fiddles), Maurice Henderson (fiddle, mandolin, mandola, melodeon), Grant Nicol (guitar, mandolin, mandola), John Clark (bass), Davie Jamieson (drums, percussion, didgeridoo) and Patrick Ross-Smith (bodhran) with Jonathan Ritch (bass).

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