(January 2006 re-release) 11 tracks: Rob Ruadh Mhor * First Orra Loon * MacCrimmon * The Kelty Clippie * Girl Behind The Bar * Bonnie Earl O' Moray * Arthur McBride * Ullapool Ullapool * Raglan Road * Tae The Beggin' * Voice Of My Island.

Another great album from this well-loved group, led by Robin and Gordon. Their voices and guitars are joined by Ronnie Reid (guitar, bass guitar, keyboards), Dougie Johnstone (accordion, pipes), and Wilma Duncan (vocals effects).

Robin Watson and Gordon Menzies have been together as Gaberlunzie since the early 1970s and are well known for producing an exciting blend of modern and traditional songs. Essentially Scottish, with an emphasis on rhythm and harmony.

Gaberlunzie have a wide appeal to audiences both at home and abroad. They have travelled extensively in Europe, Canada, United States, and the Middle East, taking with them not only Scottish music but also that other extra special ingredient - Scottish humour.

The Gabs, as they are popularly called among their loyal following of supporters, have a wealth of experience in performing for a wide variety of audiences - from folk clubs to football stadiums, from holiday resorts to concert halls. They have appeared many times on television and radio not only in the UK but also in Canada and the United States.

The performances of the duo span the breadth of Scottish culture. As singers, instrumentalists and songwriters, their talents are impressive and Gaberlunzie's gift for entertainment is unsurpassed in Scottish folk music.

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