(September 2013) 15 tracks: Livingstone (Lad From Blantyre Mill) * Coulter's Candy * Dumbarton's Drums * Amazing Grace * Over The Sea To Skye * Rose Of Allendale * Culloden's Harvest * Farewell To Nova Scotia * Lament For Mary (Queen Of Scots) * Jenny And Me * Loch Lomond * Maids Of New England * Wild Mountain Thyme * William Wallace (Knight Of Elderslie) * Come By The Hills

An album of scottish songs from two great performers George Hamiliton IV and Alastair McDonald.

Country legend and bestselling star of Nashville's Grand Ole Opry George Hamiliton IV and folksinger and broadcaster Alasdair McDonald share an interest in Scottish history and lore.

The duo met by chance and resulted in this album of old and new Scottish songs.

Dedicated to the memory of Angus Douglas-Hamilton, 15th Duke Of Hamilton and 12th Duke of Brandon 1938-2010.

George Hamilton IV (guitar), Alastair McDonald (guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass guitar, percussion), Clark Sorley (strings, orchestra).

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