Part One: Song Circle Begins * Rainbow Son * Wild Mountain Thyme * Bee Baw Babbity * Time To Rise * Three Blind Mice * I Had A Little Nut Tree * Wee Willie Winkie * Song Cycle Break.

Part Two: Song Cycle 2nd Half * Percussion Medley: Bobby Shafto / The Big Ship / Coulter's Candy * Freddy The Red Teddy Bear * Fit'll We Dae Wi' The Herrings Heids? * Red Shiny Shoes * Song Cyle Ends * Can Ye Sew Cushions? * Golden Slumbers.

Part Three: Sing A Song Of Sixpence * Hey Diddle Diddle * Frere Jacques * Twinkle Twinkle Little Star * A Moose Loose * The Friendly Cow * Hickory Dickory Dock * My Grandfather's Clock.

A fine singer/songwriter, Gill Bowman presents a collection of songs for babies and toddlers... fun for wee ones!

Song cycle, now in its eighth year , is a unique and independant singing group for babies and children aged 0 - 5 years, hosted by Scottish singer/songwriter Gill Bowman in the backroom of the family cafe in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

This album is the second in a series reflecting the repertoire of Song Circle and including three original songs by Gill.

The Red Album was recorded at Brechin All Records Studios in Edinburgh, Oct 2015.

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