10 Tracks: Woodlea Mount / The Blue Reel / The Earl’s Chair * Money, Stories, Fame Stuff / Boy On A Headland * Ardessie * Fleurs de Mandragore / Over The Moors To Maggie * Atlantic Forest / Nearly Not / Colonel Penguin * The Osmosis Reel / Alasdair's Reel / The Grey Coast Reel * Rob Of The Strath * Phil & Marina Anderson Of Springlands / Lime Hill / McKinnon's Brook / Hamish The Carpenter * Wick To Wickham / Anna And Rob Rowe Of Plockton / The Black Stairs.

An exciting album from one of Scotland's top fiddlers Gordon Gunn.

Gordon is also a member of the super Scottish band Session A9.

He is a fine composer and some of his slow airs have been hailed as the very best.

On this album he is supported by some of Scotland's great session men: Brian McAlpine (keyboards, accordion), Phil Anderson (guitar), Marc Clement (guitar), Tim Edey (melodeon), Marc Duff (whistles).

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