(April 2002) 22 tracks: The 7th Day * Tour de Harris * Atlantic Funeral * All Slicked Up * The World Below * Finlay's Theme * The Haircream Reel * The Telegram * The Orange Beach * Ceilidh Polka * Harris Moonlight * Silver Whistle * Tarbert Hornpipe * The Day the Plane Came * Machair At Dawn * Leaving * Sailing to War * The Schoolhouse Jig * Beach Stories * Nordic Melody * Ali's Slippery Slope * Silver Whistle Reprise.

The soundtrack to the BBC Gaelic drama Gruth is Uachdar (Crowdie and Cream), adapted from Finlay J MacDonald's popular trilogy based on his childhood on Harris.

Featuring members of the groups Capercaillie, Shooglenifty, Deaf Shepherd and La Bottine Souriante, with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

Music written by Charlie McKerron (fiddle, bodhran) and Donald Shaw (accordion, piano, harmonium), also featuring musicians Tim Eadie (guitar, melodeon), Jim Sutherland (bodhran, cittern, percussion), Tony McManus (guitar), Brendan Power (harmonica), James Mackintosh (percussion), Michael McGoldrick (flute, bodhran, mandolin), Kris Drever (guitar), Manus Lunny (bouzouki, guitar), Michael Bordeleau (feet, vocals), Rory Campbell (border pipes, vocals, chanter), Ewan Vernal (bass), Allan MacDonald (jaws harp), Harald Hugaard (fiddle) and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

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