5 Tracks: Tammy O’ Quam: Da Lasses O' Da Mill / Da New Gound / Dis Is No Me Ain Hoose * Eklunda Polska No 3: Dimmisjonspols / Eklunda Polska No 3 * Foula Transit: Easter Heovdi / Foula Transit * Wyndales * Crossing Da Flodens: Tourie Head / Crossing Da Flodens / Return To The Haltadans.

A debut EP from Haltadans, a group of some of Shetland's exceptional folk musicians.

The group take their name from an ancient stone circle in Fetlar, where according to folklore the troll-like creatures are "known to gather".

A few of the tunes featured on this EP were uncovered by Maurice Henderson (Fiddlers Bid) from archive recordings.

Haltadans are introducing exciting tunes to the Shetland repertoire from their own compositions.

Maurice composed (Track 3) Foula Transit and two of the tunes from the Crossing Da Flodens Set.

All arrangements by Haltadans.

EP Total running time 21.54.

Maurice Henderson (fiddle), Lois Nicol (fiddle) Ewen Thomson (fiddle, banjo), Grant Nicol (guitar), John Clark (bass).

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